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We are sharing planned and unplanned service disruptions of the Tideways Performance Monitoring and Profiling service here. If you are experiencing problems or want to inquire about ongoing problems please write to

Past Incidents

Sunday 23rd September 2018

No incidents reported

Saturday 22nd September 2018

No incidents reported

Friday 21st September 2018

Problem ingesting data due to load

One of our app server died due to high load and we are seeing the same on others, which seems to have lead to a drop of 3-5% in ingested data. We are investigating what is happening and how to fix it.

Edit 14:38 Hoster is reporting a problem on their managed platform thats affecting our app servers with increased resource and memory usage and they are working on a fix.

Edit 14:48 Our app server is back online

Thursday 20th September 2018

No incidents reported

Wednesday 19th September 2018

No incidents reported

Tuesday 18th September 2018

No incidents reported

Monday 17th September 2018

Data Collection Trace processing delayed

We are seeing a delay in trace processing and are investigating.

Update 18:27: Changed status to "Partial Outage", because the trace queue is not processing at the moment and we are looking to get them started again.

Edit 18:38 Fixed the problem blocking the queue and everything is running again now.