Some systems are experiencing issues

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We are sharing planned and unplanned service disruptions of the Tideways Performance Monitoring and Profiling service here. If you are experiencing problems or want to inquire about ongoing problems please write to

Past Incidents

Wednesday 23rd September 2020

No incidents reported

Tuesday 22nd September 2020

Data processing errors

We are seeing problems in data processing related due to restarting of some of our hardware nodes.

  • We identified a missing connection timeout to the queue system causing an overflooding of PHP-FPM workers, which leads to a dropping in HTTP connections from daemons. This missing configuration lead to a 2 second connect timeout being used, which we dropped to 0.2 seconds for now.

  • Monday 21st September 2020

    No incidents reported

    Sunday 20th September 2020

    No incidents reported

    Saturday 19th September 2020

    No incidents reported

    Friday 18th September 2020

    No incidents reported

    Thursday 17th September 2020

    Problem with Session Storage

    An upgrade of PHP on one of our servers causes problems with the connection to session storage and you might get locked out on individual requests. Please log in with "Remember Me" enabled for now as a workaround while we work to fix the problem.

  • We managed to fix the issue for now by rolling back the upgrade. We keep investigating the underlying cause, but are quite certain that missing service restart was responsible. We apologize for the inconvenience.