Tuesday 18th December 2018

Data Collection Broken release required rollback

We have had a broken release that required a rollback after 10 minutes. In the meantime workers were stopped processing. We will update you with details when we know more about what happened.

Edit 16:38 Rollback to old version completed and processing is back to normal.

Edit 17:02 We have identified that the broken release sent a "disable yourself" signal to some daemons from customers, which would last 60 minutes until the daemon contacts the backend again and starts collecting data. You can restart the daemon manually to get this worked out.

Edit 18:10 The broken release that we shipped today included an upgrade to PHP 7.2 from PHP 7.1 and a behavior change to PDO::PARAM_INT when set with a string value compared to previous versions caused our data ingestion to stop working. We have identified the bug in our code and will release a fixed version on PHP 7.2 tomorrow. For now we have rolled back to our previously working version from a few days ago that runs on PHP 7.2.